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Iron Making


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Continuous Casting


New & Renewable Energy

advanced technology solution service provider

ats provides the advanced technical solution to customers with engineering, consulting and collaboration management through proven technology
and global outsourcing net work for industrial plants.

ats focus on supporting a customized service based on economical engineering and project management together with partners.
You can rely on ats to lead or to assist with the relevant technical, regulatory and commercial steps to realize your business

ats Business

Collaboration & Management

Iron & steel manufacturing process

√ Business Items

∙   Blast furnace, Raw material, Coke, Sinter
∙   Converter (BOF, STS)
∙   KR Hot metal desulfurization system
∙   RH degasser, LF,AOD,CAS-OB, VD
∙   Waste gas treatment equipment
∙   Continuous Slab, Bloom, Billet, Beam blank Caster

√ Supporting & Assistance for out sourcing newly developed & customized equipment and future technology


Mini mill process

√ Business Items

∙   Scrap & Raw material handling
∙   Electric Arc furnace
∙   Refining of stainless Steel and Ferroalloys (STS AOD & CLU)
∙   UTCAS Process control (Converter Automation System)

√ Supporting & Assistance for out sourcing newly developed & customized equipment and future technology



Integrated steelmaking

In integrated steelmaking, the GRANSHOT® process is used to handle excess iron. The GRANSHOT unit provides an outlet for hot metal, optimizing the stability of the iron making process which is highly beneficial for campaign life as well as raw material consumption.

Compared to pig casting machines (PCMs), the GRANSHOT unit has a smaller footprint and requires less labor and maintenance.


The GRANSHOT® granulation process is suitable for granulating ferroalloys and is used as a standard operation for many ferroalloy producers. Most metals are suitable for granulation. The granulated ferroalloy is an attractive alloying material to use in any metallurgical process. The granules show properties such as chemical homogeneity, minimum oxide content, and low content of fines. The size and shape of the granules result in excellent feeding properties, which in turn govern compact storage, easy handling, and precise dosage.

The GRANSHOT process offers a practical and economical way of handling the liquid metal for the ferroalloy producer. The process is run at a low cost, considering operation as well as maintenance, and has a metal yield close to 100 %



Metal recycling

Due to today’s better collection systems and stricter environmental legislatives more valuable metals are recycled.

The GRANSHOT® process is excellent for handling the recycled liquid metal as well as creating a good and manageable product for transport and further use. Pilot testing can be conducted at our R&D facility for material analysis. Examples of recycling areas are dust from the metallurgical industry, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), and hazardous waste.

√ Business Items
  ·  Integrated steelmaking, Ferroalloys, Metal recycling

√ Supporter or Collaborator of UHT in sales market


Equipment and Service to Industrial plant

∙ Solar energy generation

∙ Moisture measuring system

∙ Hydrogen cutting machine (HCM)

∙ Smart robotics & mechatronics

∙ Air filtration system (TEKA)


Providing Innovative process

Pig iron, FeNi,FeCr,FeMn,etc

∙ Metal Granulation

ATS business_6-4 img
Solar Energy System

∙ Solar Energy Generation

ATS business_6-1 img
Moisture Measuring System

∙ Moisture Measuring System

ATS business_6-2 img
Hydrogen Cutting Machine
Slab, Bloom, Beam blank

∙ Hydrogen Cutting Machine (HCM)

ATS business_6-3 img


Providing economical & trustful quality to customer

∙ Stave Cooler, Ingot Mold & Attachments
   (Ingot Mold, Mold Cap. Hot Cap. Ingot Stool Plate)
∙ Converter Lip Ring, Cooling Pipe, Water Cooled Roof
∙ Mold for Calcium Carbide, Iron Plank for Heat Prevention
∙ Special Vehicles & Logistic System
∙ Slag Pot Carrier, Hot Metal Car
∙ Welded Slag Pot (Casting → Welded), BSSF, BF Tuyere
∙ Stand (intermediate & Finishing Mill
∙ Bridge type crane (BTC), Portal crane, Claimer & Reclaimer

Management & Guidance for Incubating assistance of New Venture

- Management service for Incubating supporting of new venture company

- Collaboration to assist the venture company development

- Solution service of enhancing for company operation


ats Customers

We handle all confidential information with the utmost care, and respect intellectual property belonging both to our company as well as partners

POSCO Group Company
POSCO Energy, Brazil CSP, Indonesia PT-KR, Vietnam POSVINA, China ZPSS

Hyundai steel, Dong kuk steel, Sea steel, Daehan steel, Korea steel, EAF steel producer

Koreazinc, LS Cable & System, SNNC, SIMPAC, DB Metal, Nonferrous metal producers

Hyundai Heavy industry, BHI, Rotem, KC cotrell, Airix, KONEPS

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